The Young Socratics

The Young Socratics is an innovative educational program in Math and Science education, geared towards middle and high school students. Our approach is to introduce concepts and their applications while interweaving them with relevant historical and philosophical perspectives related to their development.

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What makes The Young Socratics unique


Narrative Approach

We teach science and math bottom-up, using the Socratic Method and biographical stories to tease out the creative development of ideas in their historical and philosophical context.


Hands-on and Minds-on

We don't have hands-on activities for the sake of it. Our practical investigations are closely tied to theoretical developments.

Blended Learning

A systematic in-class as well as on-web blended learning program from organized exploration in middle school to focussed specialization in high school.

What do we offer?


Out-of-the-box courses

Innovative history and game-based Math and Science courses that also employ technology tools and hands-on activities.


STEM Enrichment

Math and Science Enrichment Courses that are aligned with the school curriculum.

AP and Olympiads

Math and Science Pre-AP, AP and Olympiad Training Courses for high schoolers.