Play an exciting Myst-like puzzle adventure game and learn scientific reasoning!

The story of science presented through lesser known anecdotes and historical writings (coming soon!)

About Us

Omkar Deshpande

An engineer by education, a science buff by hobby, a father of two kids at home, and an aspiring philosopher by heart, Omkar had a childhood fascination for Enid Blyton adventures and exploration-based puzzle games (apart from birdwatching). Upon discovering that science becomes infinitely more interesting when learnt through its history, he embarked on creating a game that teaches science the way he wishes he had been taught, and also satisfies his childhood fantasies (and hopefully those of children around the world). In his past life, Omkar graduated with a Ph.D in Computer Science from Stanford after doing research into human evolutionary genetics and cultural anthropology, and worked as a Principal Engineer at WalmartLabs (formerly Kosmix).

Vivek Kaul

An avid explorer of both great places and great ideas, Vivek is someone who likes to plunge into the depths of questions that pique his interest. After being freed from the drudgery of exams (he did very well in them!) that chased him till he was in graduate school, he re-discovered his love for science and mathematics by looking at the origin and development of big ideas in history. Dabbling with various ideas to bring this narrative of science to children, he found that the active and immersive world of 3D gaming provided the best answer and that led to the creation of “Odyssey”. Previously, Vivek worked on machine learning at Facebook and did his PhD at Georgia Tech also collecting his potpourri of masters in mathematics, aerospace and computer engineering on the way.