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Polymers in your life


Polymers are a large part of our daily lives and without them around, this world would be very, very different, if not impossible to live in. However, most people do not even know what a polymer is, or just how widespread they are around us.  Many a times, the term polymer is taken to refer to plastics, but it actually encompasses a larger class of natural and synthetic materials with a wide range of properties. A variety of polymers exist in nature. Among these are silk, cotton, cellulose, shellac, amber, as well as the incredibly complex polymers like RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which hold our genetic codes. The list of synthetic polymers includes polyethylene, synthetic rubber, Bakelite, neoprene, nylon, PVC, polystyrene, teflon, polypropylene, polyacrylonitrile, silicone, and many more.



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